2/2 PULSE SOLENOID VALVES For dust collectors and soot removal

Model M260Y G1 DN25

Ports Orifice size
Kv [l/min] Differential pressure
Material Mass
Coil type Model Voltage Power
Order code
water (p = 1 bar) min max body seal
G1 25 180 0.3 8 Brass NBR 1.2 TM30 M260Y 230 V AC 10 362865
115 V AC 10 362861
24 V AC 10 362866
24 V DC 10 362863
TMEx35 M260Y 230 V AC/DC 10 362867

JAKSA Pulse (or shock) valve type M260Y can be used in dust clean blowing systems for pulse bag filters, or in boiler soot removal systems. The main characteristics of M260Y pulse valve are large flow capacity and extremely short opening time (around 5 ms). These result in powerful sonic shock wave which efficiently removes dust particles (bag filters) or sediments in boiler tubes. JAKSA M260Y valve is designed for long and reliable operation with minimum maintenance.