Do you require solenoid valves,
specially tailored for deployment in
high-pressure hydrogen applications?


In light of the global shift towards green energy solutions and environmental sustainability, there is a noticeable interest growing in hydrogen technologies across various industrial sectors and applications.

Hydrogen, known as the most abundant and lightest element in the universe, is an odorless gas, that burns with nearly invisible flame. A growing interest in hydrogen is driven by the fact, that it presents a good potential solution in various kinds of energy storage and transportation applications since it possesses a remarkably high energy density when compressed to high pressures.

Responding to the growing demand from the market, JAKŠA has developed a sophisticated valve technology, specially tailored for deployment in high-pressure hydrogen applications. As a potentially dangerous medium, hydrogen needs a cautious approach, especially when compressed to high pressures.

With a focus on increased safety and reliable operation, the new range of JAKŠA hydrogen valves unites the well-established principles of our existing high-pressure solenoid valves, which have shown a successful performance in the field for many years, with hydrogen adapted features, that need to take place to fulfil the sufficient safety and reliability.

The result of an innovative approach, extensive development, and research in this domain is a new group of valves, capable of operating efficiently under hydrogen pressures of up to 1000 bar.

Key benefits of JAKŠA hydrogen valves:

High Operating Pressure: JAKŠA hydrogen valves are developed to reliably function at the operating pressures of up to 1000 bar, making them well-suited for demanding hydrogen applications.

Corrosion-resistant construction: Avoiding the risk of hydrogen embrittlement with unique design, where all metal pressure retaining parts made from AISI 316/316L material.

Explosion protection: Equipping the valve with the ATEX certified explosion proof coil, rated for the use in hydrogen atmospheres.

Significant safety margin: The burst pressure of the hydrogen valves set to at least three times of the rated operating pressure.

Customization: Availability of customizing the valve according to user requirements and expectations.