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JAKSA Solenoid TM30kHP for underwater service


JAK©A explosionproof solenoids are available with service temperature range extended to -40°C.

JAK©A Ex tuljave za -40°C

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JAK©A Solenoid Valves is certified to ISO 9001:2015.


JAK©A XD1N direct acting solenoid valve reliably handles working pressure up to 700 or 1000 bar. Suitable for all fluids and any high pressure application.

JAKSA 1000 bar solenoid valve

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New JAK©A cryogenic solenoid valves sizes 1", 6/4" and 2". Very sturdy pilot-operated piston design with PTFE seals, suitable for all cryogenic applications.

JAKSA Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

Also new: extended coil stem for maximum endurance now available on all JAK©A cryogenic valves from 1/2" to 2".
Stem extension places the solenoid coil away from valve body and pipeline and reduces the harmful effect of low temperature stress and frost build up.

JAKSA Cryogenic Solenoid Valves with Long Stem


High pressure normally open (NO) solenoid valve type D22NNO, orifice size 1 mm, operating pressure from 0 to 400 bar. Technical data

JAKSA high pressure NO solenoid valve type D22NNO


Solenoid valve for aggressive fluids with total pilot isolation and PTFE body, type DL2T, orifice size 2 mm, hose connection suitable for 3 mm silicone or similar hose. Technical data

JAKSA total isolation solenoid valve type DL2T


Pulse/shock solenoid valves types M260Y and M270Y for dust clean blowing systems or boiler soot removal. Sizes DN25 and DN40. More information

JAKSA Pulse/shock solenoid valves 
types M260Y and M270Y for dust clean blowing systems or boiler soot removal


Now available: 2-way pilot-operated piston valve with G1/4 ports, 5 mm orifice, type BS2, for pressures up to 200 bar

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Solenoid valve for cryogenic service, type B27c
G1/2 ports and 10 mm seat diameter. For pressures up to 20 bar.

JAK©A Solenoid Valve for Cryogenic Service B27c
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Small high pressure solenoid valves, types XD21 and XD21N
Seat diameters 0.5 or 0.7 mm, G1/8 ports, suitable for pressures up to 150 or 200 bar.

JAK©A Small High Pressure Solenoid Valves XD21/XD21N
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JAK©A Pinch Valve, type DLC6 is now available.
Designed for turbulence-free, smooth shutoff of gases and liquids.
No valve parts in contact with fluid - only tubing.
Suitable for use with laboratory and medicine equipment, and in food processing industry.

JAK©A Pinch Valve DLC6
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Presenting new DL4T total isolation type valve for demanding applications: all wetted parts are made of PTFE to ensure maximum chemical resistance.

Total isolation valve type DL4T
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New simple axial solenoid valve for air release on air compressors and other applications.

Solenoid valve for air compressors type XD2NO

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Now shipping: New solenoid valve for cryogenic service - Type B26c, G3/4 ports, DN 18 mm

B26c G3/4 DN18

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New solenoid valve type xD22 for cryogenic service with extended coil stem for improved coil performance.

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New 500 bar direct acting solenoid valve type D2N. 1/4" ports, 1 mm orifice, offers high durability and reliability. Click for details.

JAKSA solenoid valve type D2N


We have obtained the IECEx certificates for our explosionproof solenoids. They can be accessed at the IECEx website: Type TMEx35/40 or Type Ex35/40P


BH2 and BH4 pilot operated piston valves for CNG fuel dispension and other high-pressure fluids. Valves come in two sizes, DN5 and DN8.5, with G1/4 or G3/8 ports (SAE 6 optional). Available with standard or Ex coils.

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BV3 - Solenoid valves for high-pressure humidification and adiabatic cooling systems

Used as a single 3/2 valve or a 2 or 3 valve manifold. Valve design allows draining after each use which prevents nozzle drip and prevents bacteria formation in the system.



TM30P and TM35P
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We are pleased to present a new M2401 type valve with completely eliminated water hammer. Minimum water hammer was already a feature of our main 2/2 pilot operated group, but our newest valve comes with a very simple and reliable bypass flow regulator which allows precisely tailored shutoff speed regulation and completely eliminates water hammer.

Type M2401
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NOW AVAILABLE: BS1NNO high pressure service valve, NO version, 6 mm seat diameter, operating pressure 0.5 to 70 bar.

BS1NNO Solenoid Valve
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An addition to our cryogenic group: type D224 with 7 mm seat diameter.

D224 1/2" DN7.0
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An upgrade of our 3/2 valve family!
As our 3-ported body valves have proven quite popular and there has been a number of demands for other diameters as well, we have decided to wrap it up in a single package. This new design features stainless steel valve seats which offer a number of available diameters. It comes in NC, NO and diverter versions and handles pressures up to 16 bar (depending on the seat diameter).

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Please welcome the new member of our 3/2 Hi-FLOW valves: DN17 with G1/2 ports and excellent flow characteristics. Click the picture for details.

D329 G1/2 DN17
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Now also TM30k coil for extremely humid ambients, IP67 rating!
Expanding our family of special service coils and joining its big relative TM35k, this new variant features our proven windings used in standard TM30 coils, encapsulated in flexible waterproof compound which guarantees extreme durability and maintenance-free operation. Suitable for most of our direct acting and pilot operating valves.

TM30k Coil
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New in June! 3/2 valve for high pressure service Type XD33 - handles up to 100 bar!

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New in May! BS1 hi-pressure/hi-flow mini pilot operated valve comes in two variants: one for pressures up to 100 bar and the other, slightly simpler, for pressures up to 20 bar. Both valves feature 6 mm orifice and G1/4 ports.

BS1 100 bar BS1 20 bar
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We are pleased to announce that our BS3 high pressure service piston valve is now available also in stainless steel!

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Another variant of simple direct acting high flow valve in polypropylene housing with orifice size 10 mm and pipe size 1/2".
A more powerful TM30 type coil allows max operating pressure of 0.5 bar. Also suitable for vacuum.

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Our well established B27 high pressure service valve is now also available in stainless steel (AISI 303/1.4305)

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JAK©A d.o.o. in top 10!
Our company ranks among 10 most highly rated Slovenian companies according to Dun & Bradstreet and its Slovenian partner, i, d.o.o. annual business report.


The 12th edition of JAK©A solenoid valves catalogue in printer friendly form (.pdf files) is available here.


JAK©A d.o.o. ranks among 50 most highly rated Slovenian companies
Dun & Bradstreet, the world's leading business information provider and its Slovenian partner I d.o.o. have drawn an annual list of 50 most highly rated companies and we are proud to be one of them.
Top rating is based on timely payments, balanced account, good market standing and positive business trends.
This rating gives our present and future business partners proof and assurance of our company's solid standing and reliability.


We have developed a new 1/2" direct acting valve for cryogenic service. Reliably operating at temperatures down to -196°C, this 10 mm nominal diameter valve handles fluid pressures up to 1.5 bar

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Type B4N
Pressure: 1 to 120 bar
Orifice dia. 15 mm
1/2" BSP ports


New and simple normally open 2-way direct acting valve with high flow capacity, ports 1/2", seat diameter 10 mm.

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We jumped into the New Year with another new 3-way universal valve (operates in all directions), type D327/XD327 DN22, 3/4" ports, flow capacity 105 l/min at 1 bar! Max pressure 2 bar (a simplified version for max 0.2 bar also).

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Christmas season begins! 3-way universal valve (operates in all directions: 3/2 NC, 3/2 NO, mixer, diverter), DN13, 3/8" ports. High flow capacity (28 l/min)! Suitable for Bio-Diesel fuel systems!

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Another little novelty just before the holidays...
A simple direct acting valve in polypropylene housing with orifice size 10 mm and pipe size 1/2".

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We have developed a new type of 3/2 diverter valve with separating diaphragm in polypropylene body, orifice size 10 mm, pressures up to 0.5 bar, suitable for corrosive fluids.

New DL10R valve
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